About MmKay Media

We are dedicated team made up of young individuals working hard to achieve your creative goals, as well as ours. Each member of our crew has at least 5 years of Broadcast/Film experience, and we have decided to come together to create MmKay Media!

To kick off MmKay, we as a company are focusing on our strengths. With years of live productions under our belts, and constantly learning the ways of the film world, we are choosing to earn credibility by filming live events and helping you promote your businesses.

We enjoy producing stunning videos for our clients. Having the skills, and a growing media platform, we can help market your business on the internet by creating quality advertisements. We enjoy working closely with you to help create your vision and draw attraction to your business with marketing tricks.

We live for productions as well, and our staff has worked on many different live events including football, hockey, horse racing, curling, volleyball, basketball and baseball. We also have experience of a variety of different events such as socials, weddings, fashion shows, award ceremony, birthday parties, graduations, plays, conference speeches etc.

Our future goal is to enter the film industry and put together short films and potentially make movies as well. Some of us are taking classes while others are getting hands on experience by working on sets to get us closer to this goal. We also have a few films of our own in the making.

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